Are Your Favorite Beers and Breads Made with Marana Wheat?

Learn about White Sonoran Wheat, grown right here in Marana and used in local beer and bread.

white sonoran wheat

In a dusty corner of rural Marana, a tall crop of wheat, light brown and flecked with green, rises from the soil. Though this field of White Sonoran Wheat represents a thriving venture for the Wong family’s BKW Farms, its history goes back hundreds of years.

In the 1600s, Spanish missionaries introduced the drought- and pest-resistant grain, so when the Wongs began searching for a way to reduce their farm’s water use and offer an organic, locally grown wheat, they turned to the region’s early agricultural roots. "BKW Farms is excited to be growing organic heritage grains to feed a modern world," Ron Wong said of his family’s venture. 

Marana Wheat Used in Local Arizona Beer and Bread

Since the first harvest in 2013, local bakeries and breweries have clamored to use White Sonoran Wheat in their breads and beers. As microbreweries have proliferated across the region, they have found a natural partner in BKW. A few local craft beer producers, including Borderlands Brewing Company, Dragoon BrewingTen 55 Brewing, and Sentinel Peak Brewing, all brew using BKW’s wheat, producing a wide variety of lagers and ales sourced from the Town of Marana.

Casual drinkers and craft beer fans alike can find something to enjoy in these heady brews. Check them out at nearby restaurants or liquor stores that offer these beers, including the Ritz-Carlton and Whole Foods (at the intersection of Ina and Oracle). Bread enthusiasts will also revel in the rich flavor of White Sonoran Wheat baked into the fresh loaves of Barrio Bread

If all this talk about bread and beer has stirred up your appetite, then come experience Marana's diverse blend of restaurants. From American to Italian and Mexican, Marana offers dining options to please every palette. 

Learn more about BKW Farms in this video below.

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