Run for fun (and beer) at these 3 Tucson social runs

The sip-and-do-anything trend has made its way into Tucson's running community. That's right. You can now turn your run time into party time.

The concept is simple, yet genius: Meet up with friends, go for a run, walk or jog and have a few drinks after. Sounds like our kind of incentive. 

Whether you're already a runner or are looking for a good reason to get out and try it, these three events are a good place to start.

BBH + CBC Beer Fun Run

You'll literally run back and forth between the two brewing companies, having a 5-ounce beer at each destination for a total of four 5-ounce beers. This run costs $10 and includes the four pours during the run plus $1 off a pint at Button Brew House and $1 off a pint at Catalina Brewing Company if you decide to have more beer after the run. 

This event starts at noon every fourth Saturday at Button Brew House, 6800 Camino Martin, suite 160 in Marana. 

Find more info here.

For the other two social runs, please click the link below.

Pittenger, Angela, This is Tucson, February 21, 2019

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