Movie Sets and Movies Shot Near Tucson

There have been 100's of movies, mostly B movies, shot in part, around Tucson. Here are some you might recognize.

Old Tucson -  Formerly Old Tucson Studios.

  • Arizona, 1940  - Old Tucson was built for this movie and then donated to Pima County.
  • Broken Arrow, 1959
  • Rio Bravo, 1959
  • El Dorado, 1967
  • Three Amigos, 1986

Mescal - Owned by Old Tucson, Mescal is beautifully haunting. I do not believe that tours are currently offered but if you call Old Tucson they may be able to assist with a visit.

  • The Outlaw Jose Wales, 1976
  • The Quick and the Dead, 1995
  • Tombstone, 1993

Gammon's Gulch - Gammon's Gulch boasts several movies have been filmed in part here, most of which I have never heard of.
Tours are currently by invitation only. See the website for Gammon's Gulch for more information. Jay Gammons is a hoot.

  • Loop & Rhett, 2011
  • The Decoy, 2016
  • Requited, 2017

Triangle T Guest Ranch - The Triangle T Guest Ranch has been around so long that the two movies below were filmed here. Of course it was not named Triangle T at that time, but the rustic ambience and unique rock structure will bring you back. And the Amerind Foundation Museum is within walking distance. The Saloon is open to the public Saturdays.

  • Duel in the Sun, 1946
  • 3:10 to Yuma, 1953

Tubac Golf Resort and Spa - This Golf Resort offers a quiet, laid back respite in a beautiful setting not far from Tubac, AZ. Rarely busy, except when they try balloon festivals and Dennis Quaid concerts.

  • Tin Cup, 1996

Empire Ranch - The Empire Ranch was once one of the largest cattle ranches in all of Arizona at one time. It was once owned by the Vail Family of now Vail, Arizona.

  • Red River, 1948  & at the San Pedro River as the Red River.
  • Oklahoma, 1955
  • 3:10 to Yuma, 1952
  • Duel in the Sun, 1946
  • A Star is Born, 1976

San Rafael Ranch - The San Rafael Ranch is part of the Arizona State Park system. It is not open to the public, being preserved as a Natural Area, for its grasslands which are disappearing due to overgrazing and mesquite. You can still drive by.

  • Oklahoma, 1955
  • The Fantasticks, 2000, PG (Sonoita, San Rafael Valley)

Tombstone - This is the only movie I know of that was actually filmed in part in Tombstone.

  • Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, 1957

Titan Missile Museum -

  • Star Trek: First Contact, 1996.
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