Annual Film Festivals, Sci Fi, & Steampunk Events in Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona hosts a wide range of film festivals and conventions, throughout the year, showcasing everything from international independent films, westerns, sci-fi, and even steampunk.

Updated for 2022-2023

Southern Arizona is home to several unique and interesting film festivals (of all types and genres) and conventions throughout the year! Browse through this list for more on each festival, and stay tuned for updates!

September 2022


Tucson Comic-Con

Tucson Comic-Con is dedicated to bringing a community-based experience for all that reflects today’s fandom and the unique nature of Tucson, Arizona, and the American Southwest.

Dates: September 2nd-4th, 2022

Location: Tucson Convention Center

Graphic promoting Tuscon Comic-Con from September 2-4, 2022 in Tuscon, AZ.

15th Annual Arizona Underground Film Festival

Arizona Underground Film Festival, Arizona’s premier genre cult film festival and one of the most-recognized underground film festivals in the country, returns for the 15th time to Downtown Tucson. The festival showcases some of the best independent feature and short films in the narrative, horror, experimental, animation, documentary, and exploitation genres.

Dates: September 16th-24th, 2022

Location: The Screening Room in Downtown Tucson

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October 2022


Loft Film Festival

Loft Film Festival is dedicated to showing the best independent, foreign, and classic films, and celebrates the work of both established and up-and-coming directors, writers, producers, and actors, with an eclectic mix of programming designed to expand the reach of cinema and to honor those with the passion to bring it to life.

Dates: October 12th-20th, 2022

Location: The Loft Cinema

A graphic showing half of a jaguar's face promoting the Loft Film Festival.

Wild Bunch Film Festival

Previously held in Wilcox, this family-friendly film festival and competition, solely for some of the best indie western films in the Southwest. Come see the works of independent and emerging filmmakers, screenwriters, authors, and more!

Dates: October 20th-23rd, 2022

Location: Galaxy Theatres, 100 S Houghton Rd., Tucson

A graphic of text promoting The Wild Bunch Film Festival.

Film Fest Tucson

Film Fest Tucson is a destination festival, dedicated to showcasing high-quality short and feature-length documentary and narrative films, chosen for their quality, subject matter, and relevance to today’s world. The festival features a blend of emerging artists, as well as established filmmakers.

Dates: October 13th-15th, 2022

Location: Tucson Scottish Rite, and the AC Hotel Tucson by Marriott, plus some free outdoor screenings at Main Gate Square

A graphic showing a projector with wings promoting Film Fest Tuscon in Tuscon, AZ.

Tucson TerrorFest Horror Film Festival and Horror Convention

Tucson Terrorfest is the only all-horror film festival and convention, showcasing the aesthetic, artistic, and fun side of indie horror filmmaking. Come check out a terrifying mix of short and feature films!

Dates: October 20th-23rd, 2022

Location: The Screening Room in Downtown Tucson (Festival), 191 Toole in Downtown Tucson (HorrorCon)

A graphic with two Jason-like hockey masks promoting the Tuscon Terrorfest horror convention.

November 2022


49th Annual TusCon Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Convention

For the 49th year, TusCon Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Convention returns! Come gather with some of the most dedicated fans of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror; as well as professional writers, film producers, artists, and reporters, at “The Best Little Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Horror Convention in Arizona”

Dates: November 11th-13th, 2022

Location: Sheraton Tucson Hotel & Suites

A graphic promoting TusCon 49, November 11-13, 2022 in Tuscon, AZ.

January 2023


Tucson International Jewish Film Festival

A celebration of films that inspire Jewish values, life, and learning, and those that honor the rich history and bright future of the Jewish people.

Dates: January 12th-22nd, 2023

Location: Primarily at The Tucson J, with some screenings at other venues. Also available virtually until January 31st, 2023.

A graphic showing a desert sunrise promoting the Tuscon International Jewish Film Festival

February 2023


Apex Film Festival

Returning for its 9th anniversary, the Apex Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing the best independent short films and music videos from artists from Southern Arizona and from around the world, plus Q&A panels with filmmakers in attendance, and a live musical performance.

Dates: February 25th, 2023

Location: The Screening Room in Downtown Tucson

A graphic for Apex Film Festival, February 25, 2023 in Tuscon, AZ.

March 2023


Tucson Cine Mexico

Tucson Cine Mexico is the longest-running film festival for showcasing the best of contemporary Mexican cinema in the United States. Each March, it dedicates several days to showcasing the best work of Mexican directors and producers, and is a vital launching pad for Mexican films, actors, directors, and producers in the US.

Dates: Stay tuned for more information on dates for the 2023 festival, or check the event website.

Location: Multiple locations in Downtown Tucson, festival headquarters is at Harkins Tucson Spectrum 18

A graphic with a large cat promoting the Tuscon Cine Mexico film festival.

Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention

Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention (WWWC) is the largest Western-style Steampunk Convention in the country, fully immersing attendees in all things steampunk. Activities include live music, street performers, panels, workshops, and more! Come experience a subset of the Western culture that made Southern Arizona famous on-screen!

Dates: Stay tuned for more information on dates for the 2023 festival, or check the event website.

Location: Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2023 location!

A graphic promoting the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention.

Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition

The Arivaca Independent Filmmaker’s Exhibition is a free event located in the small town of Arivaca, Arizona; dedicated to showcasing the works of Arizona filmmakers and themes inspired by the Desert Southwest.

Dates: March 3rd-4th, 2023

Location: Arivaca Community Center, Arivaca, AZ 85601

A graphic promoting the Arivaca Film Exhibition, March 3-4, 2023.

April 2023


Arizona International Film Festival

For 31 years, the Arizona International Film Festival has showcased exciting, innovative, and unique independent films from around the world to Arizona audiences. Throughout its history, the Arizona International Film Festival has exhibited over 3,000 films representing 100 countries to over 168,000 patrons in Southern Arizona. Enjoy the films in several historic venues in Downtown Tucson, and stick around for panel discussions with the filmmakers.

Dates: Stay tuned for more information on dates for the 2023 festival, or check the event website.

Location: Multiple famous and historic venues in Downtown Tucson

A stylish graphic promoting the Arizona International Film Festival in Tuscon, AZ.

July 2023


Arizona Sunburn Film Festival

The Arizona Sunburn Film Festival is a festival celebrating films including music videos, short and feature length narrative and documentary, featuring those that were shot in Arizona, and from filmmakers that are from Arizona. AZ Sunburn Film Festival is a 2 day film festival in the hottest time, and for some is the best time in Tucson with the monsoon weather.

Dates: Stay tuned for more information on dates for the 2023 festival, or check the event website.

Location: The Screening Room in Downtown Tucson

A green cactus outline graphic promoting the Sunburn Film Festival.

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