Annual Film Festivals, Sci Fi, & Steampunk Events in Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona hosts a wide range of film festivals throughout the year, from international independent films, to Westerns, sci fi and even steampunk.

Updated for 2021-2022 

There are 14 film festivals in Southern Arizona, one ComicCon, world famous TusCon SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Convention (47th+ annual), and the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention. Please find detailed information below on each event, and for more information on cultural festivals and events in southern Arizona and around Marana, check out the Tucson Jazz Festival and the Marana Bluegrass Festival

September 2021


1. Arizona Underground Film Festival

Arizona Underground Film Festival 

  • Sept. 17–25, 2021
  • The Screening Room,127 E Congress St, Tucson, AZ 85701

2. The Wild Bunch Film Festival 

The Wild Bunch Film Festival

  • Sept. 30–Oct. 3
  • The Willcox Historic Theatre, Willcox, AZ 

October 2021


3. Film Fest Tucson 

Film Fest Tucson

  • October 14–17, 2021
  • In 2021, this will be an online festival only. It is normally held at Scottish Rite Cathedral, Fox Tucson Theatre, AC Marriott, Downtown Tucson. 

4. Tucson Terrorfest 

Tucson Terrorfest   

  • October 22–25, 2021, on its regular schedule, online
  • The Screening Room, Downtown Tucson

November 2021


5. Borderland Film Festival

 Borderland Festival

  • No confirmed dates for 2021
  • Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora (Mexico
  • Museo de Arte De Nogales, Nogales, Mexico; Oasis Cinema, Nogales, Arizona, and other venues

6. Loft Film Fest

 Loft Film Fest

  • Nov. 10–18, 2021
  • midtown Tucson

7. 48th Annual TusCon SciFi, Fantasy, & Horror Convention


Science Fiction Film Fest


  • Nov. 12–14, 2021
  • Sheraton Tucson Hotel & Suites, midtown Tucson east of downtown Tucson


December 2021

Discover new classics such as:
Gather (2020)
DUSTWUN (2020)
Bisbee '17 (2019)
Lonesome Willcox (2017) 


January 2022


8. Tucson International Jewish Film Festival

Tucson International Jewish Film Fest

  • Virtual and live venues in Tucson



9. Lesbian Looks

Lesbian Looks Film Fest

  • Check website for 2021–2022 screenings
  • University of Arizona, Tucson


February 2022


10. Apex Short Film + Music Video Festival

Apex Film Fest for short films and music videos

  • Check website for 2022 screenings
  • Downtown Tucson, The Screening Room



11. DocScapes 


Docscapes Film Fest

  • Check website for 2021–2022 screenings
  • The Loft Cinema, midtown Tucson

March 2022


12. Tucson Cine Mexico 

Tucson Cine Mexico Film Fest

  • Check website for 2022 screenings
  • Multiple venues, downtown Tucson

13. Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention  

Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention

  • March 3–6, 2022
  • Westward Look Resort, Tucson

14. Arivaca Independent Film Festival

  •  Check website for 2022 screenings
  •  Arivaca Community Center, Arivaca

April 2022


15. The Arizona International Film Festival

Arizona International Film Fest

  • This is the oldest film festival in Arizona.
  • The next AZIFF (its 29th) will be held April 14-25, 2021.
  • Downtown Tucson, The Loft Cinema, midtown Tucson, and multiple downtown Tucson venues 


July 2022


16. 5 Minute Film Fest 

5 Minute Film Fest

  • Check website for 2022 screenings
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, downtown Tucson 


September 2022

17. Tucson Comic-Con 


Tucson Comic Con Film Fest

  • Sept. 2-4, 2022 
  • Tucson Convention Center, downtown Tucson
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