Monsoon in Southern Arizona: Essential Tips for Visitors (and Residents!)

PicturedA dramatic scene captures a bolt of lightning striking the ground next to a tall palm tree in Marana, Arizona
CreditNova Kline

How would you describe the monsoon to a new resident or visitor who hasn’t experienced it before?

PicturedAfter spending 25 years in Tucson, Christiansen is a monsoon expert with extensive knowledge and stories to share.
Credit13 News First Alert Chief Meteorologist Erin Christiansen

Are there any record-breaking monsoon years that stand out for you?

PicturedA bolt of lightning strikes the ground near Marana, Arizona.
CreditRedman Photography

Do you recall any extraordinary weather events that occurred during past monsoon that stand out in your memory?

PicturedA storm over Ragged Top Mountain as seen from Marana, Arizona.
CreditAldo Boccaccio, Owner of Al Gusto Coffee Company

Why is Southern Arizona prone to flooding during monsoon?

PicturedA storm over the railroad tracks in Marana, Arizona.
CreditPenny Mayo

What role does dew point play in the monsoon?

Stay safe during monsoon. Follow these guidelines

A rainbow over Marana with a cloud filled sky. Some trees can be seen along the bottom of the photo
The reward at the end of a powerful storm in Marana, Arizona

Where to Catch Lightning in Marana

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