Bikes & Brews in Marana, AZ

The best biking places take you to the best craft beer places. Our craft brewers and taphouses planned that.

Bikes & Brews: El Detour in Marana

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The Pima County Shared Use Path, affectionately known as The Loop, is a great way for cyclists to get all over town. Marana is quickly becoming a hub for bikers and brewery lovers alike, so we’ve made a “Loop de Loop” that will not only let you relive El Tour de Tucson but experience the best brews Marana has to offer. When Catalina Brewing Company, Marana's first craft microbrewery, was looking for its home, being close to The Loop was a given. The brewery's motto is: We Bike We Brew. That set Marana's beer scene up for success. Shortly after, Button Brew House followed and located even closer to The Loop. Now there are taphouses in every corner of Marana, and nearly all of them are just a few yards from The Loop.

Dove Mountain Neighborhood

Whether you live, stay, or train on Dove Mountain, there are plenty of things to do in the area. The mountain itself is perfect for both intense training rides and leisurely rides. Where else can you see the statuesque Saguaros, the great views, and more than likely, a desert critter or two just minutes from gourmet fair-trade coffee and craft beers from almost two dozen local breweries?

1. Dove Mountain Brewing Co.

dove mountain brewing

Dove Mountain Brewing Co. is located in the Dove Mountain neighborhood, in Marana. DMB is not a microbrewery, but, rather, is wholly dedicated to providing access to beer connoisseurs to as many local brews as possible, offering craft beers from approximately 21 local breweries. With an amazing selection of local drafts, as well as daily food and drink specials, live music, and family nights, DMB offers something for everyone.

W. Twin Peaks Road/N. Silverbell Road

Marana’s shared-use path meanders through both the northern and southern parts of town, parallel to the Santa Cruz River. The path gives users the opportunity to travel a portion of the 1,200-mile route followed by Juan Bautista de Anza. The 9.65 miles
of the paved path allows for walking, running, biking, and horseback riding. Silverbell Road is a great way to bike from Marana to downtown Tucson. The road twists and turns, with several hills, making a great training ride. Add a variety of desert scenery and you have a uniquely Southern Arizona opportunity. Between Silverbell and the adjacent Cortaro corridor, there are a variety of places to eat, drink, stay, and have all of your bike and biking needs met by HMS Bikes. HMS Bikes, tucked into the shopping center just off Cortaro Road by the I-10 freeway, is home base for all of your bike repair, gear, or bike rental needs. You can take group rides or buy a bike as well. And HMS Bikes is just a couple of doors down from Casa Marana Craft Beer + Wine/Bottle Shop.

2. Growler’s Taphouse

growler's taphouse
With approximately thirty beers on tap at any given time, Growler’s covered its bases very well. Growler’s Taphouse is a great spot to drop by after work, to hang out with friends on the weekends, or really any occasion. I highly recommend adding it to your list of craft beer sites.

3. Casa Marana Craft Beer + Wine/Bottle Shop

casa marana craft beer
A new addition to the Marana scene, Casa Marana is part of the crazy successful Casa Film Bar family in Tucson. Casa Marana stays true to the welcoming feeling established by Casa Film Bar, plus it has an open, and airy layout that is full of natural light. Casa Marana has an amazing selection of beers on tap, as well as wines. They have everything from ciders and meads to IPAs and Ales, to Sour and Fruit Beers. All in all, Casa Marana is a phenomenal addition to the Marana craft brewery scene.

W. Ina Road

You can take The Loop from Cortaro Road to W. Ina Road, following the scenic Santa Cruz River. Cross back over the I-10 freeway in Ina Road just a short distance to Camino Martin, where both of Marana's microbreweries have turned the neighborhood into a craft beer destination. This is an easy 20-minute ride from Casa Marana. 

4. Catalina Brewing Company

catalina brewing company
Catalina is a cyclist-themed brewery, meant for cyclists and non-cyclists alike. Catalina considers themselves a small craft brewery and manufactures and distributes a variety of craft beers designed and created from local ingredients. Perhaps the best thing about Catalina is that they experiment and develop new beers, like their Mesquite Agave, their lighter prickly pear fruit infused La Rosa de Catalina, and most interesting of all, the E-Beer Electrolyte Recovery Ale.

5. Button Brew House

Button has some of the best beers around, some great music, and food trucks galore. Button Brew House has a following of serious brewers that appreciate the know-how that owner/head brewer Todd Button puts into each of his beers. Truly crafted from the finest ingredients, Todd has local legendary beers such as the Chiltepin Red Ale, Volstead Pilsner, All Souls Stout, and every Sunday a regional specialty: Micheladas. 

W. Orange Grove Road

From Cataline Brewing and Button Brew House, you could bike, in about 13 minutes to Caps & Corks Craft Beer & Wine & Bottle Shop on Orange Grove. You will be in heavy traffic, but it is all downhill. 

6. Caps & Corks Craft Beer & Wine, Beer/Bottle Shop

caps and corks craft beer

Located at Marana Marketplace, Caps & Corks is another recent addition to the Marana scene, with a selection of both beers and wines. Caps & Corks also serves snack style bar food, including items like popcorn, pretzels, and chips & salsa. They even have coffee!

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