A dining experience for every palate.

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From elegant dining rooms to casual patios, and everything in between, Marana’s food scene has it all. A charbroiled burger grilled to perfection made from local beef, washed down with beer brewed with White Sonoran wheat grown in Marana. Spicy green chili with slow-cooked, tender pork morsels, served with homemade tortillas and steaming rice. Old World Italian dishes prepared from recipes passed down through generations.

A thriving array of restaurants sprawls across Marana’s 126 square miles, offering convenient and tasty options, as well as hidden gems for the more intrepid food adventurers. Explore, discover, and feast in a culinary landscape as sizzling as the desert that surrounds it.

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Barro’s Pizza

Barro's Pizza

Award-winning pizza made with a secret family recipe passed down through the years, and now…

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