Tohono Chul receives $25,000 Twice! from Arizona Commission for the Arts!

Tohono Chul receives $25,000 twice from Arizona Commission for the Arts! $7,500 from the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona! FOR OUR ARTS PROGRAMMING

The Exhibits Department just received a $25,000 Community Investment Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts for the second year in a row and a $7,500 General Operating Support Grant from the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona for their arts programming and support of the local artist community! Did you know that Tohono Chul’s Exhibits Program, going into its 33rd year, consistently works with more Arizona Artists than other arts organizations with comparable budgets in the state? The 2017-2018 Exhibition Calendar was extremely active, playing host to 198 exhibiting artists and featuring 1,055 artworks in 16 exhibitions. With recognition and financial assistance from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the exhibitions scheduled for 2018-2019 will attract more artists from across the state and add to the rich history of Tohono Chul.

The Arizona Commission on the Arts provides grants, programs, services and leadership in support of arts and arts education programs. In partnership with arts organizations, schools, festivals and individual artists, we endeavor to celebrate Arizona’s diverse communities and rich cultural traditions, inspire creativity, grow local economies and enhance quality of life for all Arizonans.

The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona mission is to advance artistic expression, civic participation, and equitable economic growth of our diverse community by supporting, promoting, and advocating for arts and culture in our region. They provide arts and cultural development services through direct funding, technical assistance and professional development opportunities, and manages the creation of public art for the City of Tucson and Pima County.

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