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Cool Summer Nights at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

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Saturday, August 20 2022

Beat the Arizona heat and experience the desert at night at the popular Cool Summer Nights at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!

Location: Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum
Time: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
2021 N Kinney Road
Tucson, Arizona

 So what makes these Saturday evenings so enchanting? The stunning sunsets, skies speckled with stars, night-blooming plants, and animals reappearing from their daytime naps.

The desert comes alive at night as nocturnal animals awake. Bats perform aerial acrobatics in pursuit of dinner, beavers splash around in their pond, and scorpions glow green under black light. Bring your flashlight and explore, experience a live animal encounter, or participate in special nightly activities. See the schedule below for weekly themes and activities.

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Upcoming Dates For This Event:
  • Saturday, August 20
  • Saturday, August 27
Cool Summer Nights at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
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