Really Big Enormous Gifts

This could be that year for a really big splurge on your holiday shopping list.

Do you need a gift for someone who was born to be wild? Then Harley-Davidson it is.

Maybe she or he read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance way back when? Or maybe it's finally the right time to treat yourself – finally! – to that dream bike that will get you out and enjoying some wind in the hair and discovering colorful places throughout the desert Southwest?

Swing on into Marana’s Harley-Davidson showroom. It is almost as beautiful as an art gallery, full of big toys that will take you places, and the most extremely knowledgeable and helpful people who want to match you with the perfect bike to realize your dreams.They will ask you whether you like vertiginous rides to Mount Lemmon or a road trips across the Southwest from Sedona to Taos, or Saguaro National Forest to Willcox. These are serious questions that are calculated to determine the bike for you. It’s not like shopping for a pair of boots, it’s like shopping for your own personal space ship. And it has to fit perfectly.
Cali is one of the incredibly friendly sales professionals there who knows her way around bikes and will help you to determine exactly the kind of shock system you want for the most challenging rides on your adventures. Hailing from Ventura, California, she knows the Malibu coast like the back of her glove and will help you understand the nuances of Harleys as packages of style and function.

Here are a couple of the many options to choose from (used bikes $4,000 up to $55,000 for new bikes):

CVO Street Glide is at the top end of the price range and it looks like it. With heated grips, custom seats and unique shocks, this is a luxury bike.
Fat Boy is a classic Harley, chosen to be the Terminator’s bike, it’s a cruiser that drips coolness and would be equally at home in the city or in Bisbee.
Heritage is a serious touring bike for long trips. Want to ride the California coast? This is one to check out.

Street Bob, is more affordable. A lightweight bike that is great for getting around town, the Street Bob can go lots of places.

Another reason to get a Harley: they’ll put a big red bow on it.

The Ultimate car 

If exotic luxury is on your list, schedule a visit to Crown Concepts, a vintage, collectable, and classic car restoration and sales warehouse in Marana off the I-10. The current inventory of cars for sale ranges from $18,929 to $131,929.

What is your tolerance for exotic? You and yours could roll out in two different Cobra Mark III Superformance cars. One is a ’65 Coyote SP03303 in Gregio Medio Grey and the other a ’66 in Titanium.

But you could break the bank and go for the ’65 Superformance GT40 MK Wide Body, P2367 in Bianco Fuji Pearl with blue stripes and left side drive. And if you did, would you dare to unleash it on Avra Valley Road? (if you do, please send us video).

Perhaps an old classic is more to your taste? You can choose from a ’66 fire engine red Mustang with 90,000 actual miles and many others.


Consider the ’68 Mercedes Benz 280 SL in Signal Red with black leather interior as an investment in a family heirloom of enduring value and beauty.

Flying experiences and lessons

Volare Helicopters offers sightseeing and photography tours and even flight training for private pilot certification. Sightseeing tours allow a bird’s eye view of Saguaro National Park, Mt. Lemmon, Catalina Foothills, the Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Airforce Base. You can also design a custom tour around a jaunt to wine country south of Tucson or a visit to Tombstone and other points of interest.

For the daredevil there is FlipsideAerobatics that teaches specialized tail wheel, spin training, unusual altitude recovery, and aerobatics.

You can also give an Ultralight aircraft and lessons from Air Creation USA.


Does your holiday shopping list rock? 

For the musical souls on your shopping list, you can find a vast selection suited to every musical taste at Guitar Center in Marana.

If you haven’t ever been to a Guitar Center, it’s a temple to music. There are new, vintage, and used acoustic and electric guitars, drum kits, keyboards, and traditional and folk instruments. 

For the rocker, you can choose from a mouthwatering selection of vintage Rickenbackers, Fenders, Gretsches, and Gibsons.

Acoustic choices include Ray Whitleys, Gibsons, Martins, banjos, steel string guitars, mandolins, and ukeleles.

There are also amps, pedals, pickups, sheet music, lessons, recording equipment, and repair services.

You never know exactly what you may find there but it is certain that you will leave with a song in your heart and possibly, that really big gift that might change the life of someone very special.

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