Discover the Perfect Family Bike Route when you Discover Marana

In Marana, you’ll find the perfect route for food, entertainment, and, of course, cycling.

After many hot months locked away indoors, trying to hide from the torrid temperatures, it’s time for the whole family to escape.

Bisbee Breakfast Club

A Healthy Start

For an energetic day, you’ve got to start by fueling up at the Bisbee Breakfast Club Stop 1 on the map below). Make a stop at this quaint diner, where you can enjoy all the morning classics as well as a few creative dishes that will keep you coming back for more.


 Christina-Taylor Green Memorial River Park sign

Car Free Paths

Now you’re ready to get rolling. For today’s ride, you’ll want to access the Loop at the Christina Taylor Green Memorial River Park at Cañada del Oro (Stop 2). From there, enjoy a car-free ride southwest on the multi-use path. After you pass beneath I-10, the path hooks around to intersect with the main loop path. You’ll want to head northwest, briefly parallel with the frontage road, crossing over the wash. Once you’re over the bridge, zigzag down to the path, which now follows the banks of the Santa Cruz River.

Keep riding along the path, at one point passing over the Santa Cruz, and then cross Ina Road to continue your ride along the west side of the river. Shortly, you’ll reach Crossroads at Silverbell District Park (Stop 3).

Crossroads is one of Marana’s showcase parks. With ballfields, playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, free Wi-Fi (for those PokemonGo fanatics!), well-preserved Hohokam ruins, and even a library, it offers a little something for everyone. If nothing else, this is one of the best views around of the Santa Catalina Mountains.


indoor trampoline park

Afternoon Fun

For your afternoon adventures, retrace your steps (your wheel tracks?) back to the path along Cañada del Oro Wash. About ¼ mile after you ride beneath I-10 is a bridge leading over a spur of the wash. Instead of going over the bridge, head straight to access the parking lot of a large retail complex. South of Home Depot is AZ Air Time, an indoor trampoline park that’s every kid’s dream (Stop 5). They’ve got all kinds of games and activities for young bouncers, and there really is nothing more fun than flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

Or you could also stop in at Topgolf Marana, two minutes down the road. 

There are some new options in the area for dining. Tacos Apson and Topgolf Marana are both family-friendly. After dinner, take a quick jaunt down Camino Martin to the Catalina Brewing Company (Stop 8). Even the kids will love this stop since CBC has a ton of games, including a mini-shuffleboard setup which is already a favorite among the younger crowd. Hank and Brian, who opened Catalina Brewing Company, are avid cyclists themselves. “We bike, we brew,” as they like to say, and with their convenient location right next to the Loop, it’s easy to see that this motto isn’t just a clever slogan. It’s a way of life.

Time to Wind Down

After this full day, you’re just a short bike ride from your car. Cross back through the wash and ride northeast to Christina Taylor Green Memorial River Park (Stop 2). By the time you get home, you’ll want nothing more than to go to bed early. You’ve earned it. Discover family adventures when you Discover Marana.

For a detailed map of this route, click here.

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